Supporting nonprofit youth-in-nature programs through public celebration.


Kids Outside Awards exists to shine a helpful public spotlight on needy, high-impact nonprofits that are connecting Seattle-area youth with the natural outdoors.

Most nonprofit youth-in-nature programs need more than just additional funds. The right kind of increased visibility within their regional community can provide these organizations with valuable support for an array of top-priority needs.

2015 Awardee “prizes”

  • Spotlight:
    • Award presentation at the Campfire Hoopla event
    • Promotion via conventional regional media as well as through the social communication channels (social media, newsletters, e-mailings, etc.) of our Spotlight Team Captains and their associated organizations (such as Sustainable Seattle and Islandwood)
  • Complimentary tickets to the Campfire Hoopla event
  • A custom Kids Outside Awards promotion video will be produced for each Awardee, and will be provided to each of them at no cost

2015 Awardee benefits

  • Specific non-financial support: Broadens potential community awareness and assistance for high-priority needs other than funding (volunteer recruitment, team role recruitment, other types participation, non-cash donations, etc.)
  • Specific fundraising support: High-priority Awardee needs to be promoted may include requests for funds associated with a designated item or purpose (not for general operations)
  • General fundraising support: Raises the familiarity and credibility of Awardees with potential donors, and “2015 Awardee” status enhances credibility/differentiation when submitting grant applications
  • Fan-base development: Increases Awardee familiarity and credibility with existing and potential long-term community supporters
  • Team mojo building: Gives a well-deserved public high-five to Awardee volunteers, staff and others who had contributed to the “high-impact” performance that merited the recognition

2015 Finalist support

  • All earn “winner” status: All 501(c)(3) programs that meet defined criteria as qualified nominees will win Finalist status; three Awardees will be selected among the Finalists by a panel of judges
  • All get some spotlight: Our objective is to build community support for all qualified nominees over time. Thus, all Awardees and Finalists will be listed on this site, and will be referenced in multiple ways during the Campfire Hoopla event as well as via media promotions

2015 awards program basics

  • This is an annual program, and the first Campfire Hoopla awards announcement event will be held during the spring of 2015
  • The award nomination process will occur during early 2015 (specific dates to be published soon on this site)
  • Finalists must meet designated nomination qualification criteria (details to be published soon on this site)
  • Judges with relevant backgrounds will select three needy, high-impact Awardees from among the Finalists
  • This is not a winners/losers program; while we concentrate the spotlight on three Awardees each year to maximize the potential benefit of the awards, all Finalists are valuable youth-in-nature programs that earn “winner” status and some public promotion


All organizations that qualify as Kids Outside Awards nominees provide tremendous value to our community and to the benefit of our natural outdoor places. Thus, each will earn “Finalist” status.

The Kids Outside Awards program annually shines a public spotlight primarily on three Awardees selected by our judges among the Finalists. We're taking this approach to increase the potential benefit of this program upon a few Finalists each year versus a more “watered-down” attempt to equally support all Finalists.

This site will list all Finalists after the nomination and selection process is complete. Information about nomination and judging will be available from this web site once the details are finalized with input from our advisors. Nominations will open in early January, 2015.


The Campfire Hoopla is an evening bash to be held in a youth-outdoors-relevant setting, and will feature an inspiring awards ceremony along with scrumptious light appetizers, hosted alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, live instrumental music from Buckshot tuned perfectly for the scene, and of course...campfires!

We have selected a date in the spring and a venue for the 2015 Campfire Hoopla awards announcement event. We’re working with advisors including Sustainable Seattle to finalize details, which will be posted on this site in early 2015.

The 2015 Campfire Hoopla is our inaugural event, so we’re taking baby steps by limiting the total number of attendees to less than 200.

Thank you to the Spotlight Team Captains of the 2015 Campfire Hoopla

  • Peggy Frasse
  • Jason Karas & Miriam Marcus
  • David & Sophia McShea
  • Jameson & Christine Morrell
  • Islandwood about
  • Sustainable Seattle about

Please keep an eye on this site for Campfire Hoopla ticket availability…


A group-hug of gratitude for our 2015 Campfire Hoopla sponsors!

Georgetown Brewing Company

Thanks to Manny & Roger at Georgetown for stepping-up first!

About Sponsor

We’re actively recruiting sponsors (event operations funding, and certain in-kind categories) that are critical to the success of this program. Donations are tax-deductible through our 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor Sustainable Seattle.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Campfire Hoopla: email us


Kids Outside Awards is an all-volunteer WA nonprofit corporation with one simple objective: To shine a helpful public spotlight on needy, high-impact nonprofits that are connecting Seattle-area youth with the natural outdoors.

Our first three awards will be presented in 2015. Our aspiration is that, over time, the efforts of this annual program will cumulatively bring significant incremental support to our entire community of qualified Kids Outside Awards nominees.

Sustainable Seattle is our 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor. Given our aligned missions, Sustainable Seattle has generously offered to partner with us in support of Campfire Hoopla event production, and it is an understatement to say that this is an invaluable service to the Kids Outside Awards program.

John Daly, founder & director

Terri Butler, advisor/Sustainable Seattle

Michelle Ruiz, advisor/Sustainable Seattle

Andrew Jay, advisor/nominations & judging

Natalie Angelillo, advisor/community spotlight

Brett Tanis-Likkel, advisor/web & graphic design

David Harms, advisor/misc. nerdy technical help


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